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Reference  CB-1030

Brewhouse equipment Hupmann 145 hl per brew. 300.000 Hl per year.

Complete brew line from malt mill to wort cooler made by Huppmann in 2001. The brew size is 145 hl
and it can make 6-8 brews / day, annual capacity is 300 000 hl. Brew line is controlled with Siemens S7 series PLCs and Hupmann made PC based brewery program. Brewery was closed in 2013 but equipment is installed and powered.

Original documentation in English is available.

Brew line has the following main equipment:

Malt mill Hupmann-Millstar, wet milling, 5 ton per hour, grade 0.4 mm year 1998. Initially dry malt will enter steeping conditioning chute where water content of husk will be increased to 18-20%. This will cause the elasticity in husk and grain will be slipped of in one piece and endosperm will enter into roll mill dry and clean. This mill has two rotating milling drums.
Mash tun kettle, volume 180 hl, diameter 2600 mm, heated with steam from bottom (heating surface 4.3 m2) and lower part of side wall (heating surface 2.4 m2) , heating speed 1 șC/min., made by Hupmann in year 2001.
Lauter tun / filter tun, volume 215 hl, diameter 3700mm filtration area 10,75 m2, pressure 256 kg/m2 lauter time 3 hours, d = 3700 mm, made by Hupmann in year 1998.
Wort pre-run tank volume 180 hl, made by Hupmann in year 2001
Wort kettle, volume 233 hl, diameter 3200 mm, boiling time 90 minutes, inside heart with steam 10-11% evaporation during cooking, with hop dosing unit. Made by Hupmann in year 2001
Whirlpool, volume 172 hl, diameter 3400 mm, processing time for all brands is 30-35 minutes, made by Hupmann in 1999
Wort cooler, plate heat exchanger APV type N35, made in year 2009
CO2 injection system, 8-12 ppm at 8 C
CIP tank for caustic, volume 20 hl, made by Norit in 2001
Hot water tank 1000 hl, diameter 2700 mm, insulated, made by German Hollert Sebiling
Cold water tank 500 hl, diameter 2200 mm, insulated, made by German Hollert Sebiling

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