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Welcome at USEDBREWERIES.NET, a sub-platform of Usedcentral.net your "Virtual Meeting Point" for Sellers and Buyers of Used machinery and complete plants for Business to Business.


We have kept our site as simple as possible to help you to find quickly what you are looking for. Just look and click on the contact bottom. In case you didn't find what you are looking for, you can always put for free on our page what you need. If you should find no suitable supply here, than you can contact us by email , fax or telephone . You find our complete address within the area Contact.

Sales and delivery: as far as nothing different and agrees: sales and delivery are starting from location, without disassembling, intermediate sale + mistake reserve, as is, eventually increased with VAT if applied.


If you should have production lines, machinery or equipment for sale, we are glad to help you at USEDCENTRAL.NET and to place it on our website. In this case you have to contact us. Further we will need pictures of the machinery which you like to sell.


Other Services : 

For those who needs assistance with the build-up, we are able to assist you with a team to help you with this job.

We can introduce you to brewery consulting companies and we can even help you to find a temporary brewmaster for your company.






Welcome to USEDCENTRAL. Your Meeting Point with Sellers and Buyers!

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