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Technical description Baby Diaper machine:

NK-300 Auto Functions Baby Diaper (Nappies) Machine
Siemens built 2006/2007 Model

1. Technical Specifications

Main Parameters

- Centre Distance: 300mm
- Spindle dia: 3 inch
- Reliable speed: - 330 pcs/ per min Mini (Small size)
- 300 pcs/per min Midi (Medium size)
- 270 pcs/ per min Maxi, Maxi plus (Large, Large +)
- 260 pcs/per min Junior, (Extra Large)
- 250 pcs/ per min Extra Large (Extra Extra Large)
- Product sizes 6 sizes (Small size 1 2 ) Mini, (Size 3 Medium) Midi, (Size 4 Maxi) Large, (Size 4 plus Maxi plus) Large Plus, (Size 5 Junior) Extra Large, (Size 6 Extra Large) Extra Extra Large

- Weight: 36 T
- Power Capacity: 130~150 kw (Including hotmelt applicators)
- Gas Capacity : 1500 litres/min, 6 /8 Bar
- Efficiency rate: >=90%
- Defective rate: >=2% (Excluding defective from hotmelt and spliced)
- Machine Overall size: 25m L *2.2M W *2.3m H(including hotmelts)

2. Main Units

Pulp Roll Stand
High speed mill: Highly efficient solution to treated or untreated pulp, with low power consumption
Defibrating Capacity: 350-400kg\hour
Mill Motor tri phases unsynchronised motor driven
Single or double pulp feeding unit available motor driven feeding pulp to mill system, and freely adjust fluff does requirement
Hard and precise sawing wheel, high speed rotary breaking and cutting pulp into pieces.

Fluff Forming system
Drummer forming, centre vacuum suction, fluff gram stable as request at different speed and fluff dust collection.
Brush Combs which level the fluff
Dual fluff feeding unit, fluff mat shaped by separated pads.
Shaped fluff mat transfer to guided carpet and pressing unit.

SAP Applicator :
dual screw pushing spray, inverter volume control SAP dose as Client request.
Tissue Paper applicator: Two unwind shafts, auto unwind with tension Control, auto splice.

Embossed Pressing unit: spring pressing,
Main parts
- Embossed roll
- Anvil roll
- Frame supports

Mat cross cut unit:
spring pressing, phase adjusted time wheel changes only for different sizes,
Main parts:
- Die roll
- Anvil roll
- Frames supports

Top sheet leak cuff applicator:
two unwind shafts, located in the superior of machine, auto unwind with tension control, auto splice and edge guider.
- Phobic N.W applicator, auto unwind with tension control, auto splice and web guider.
- Phobic N.W center cut, auto web guider after cutting
- Cuff Elastic applicator, feeding by pulling system
- Glued inner side of the hydrophobic N.W folded with cuff elastic to seal
- Philic N.W Supply, auto wind with tension control, auto splice and web guider.
- Philic N.W thermal seal with phobic N.W to form cuff structure.

Backsheet Applicator
- PE film applicators, two unwind shafts, servo unwind with tension control, auto splice and edge cutte, max dia 600mm
- Leg elastic unit: two groups elastic feeding by pulling system. Glued and compound with backsheet auto.

Frontal tape unit
- Dual roll stands
- Scrape roll, cut and place, vacuum suction and transfer.

Side Tape Unit
- side tape feeding unit
- side tape cut and place unit, vacuum suction and transfer
- Continuous inner folded unit
- Rotary pressing sealing tape to top sheet

Shape die cut unit:
Universal couples driven, die offal sucked recycled to wastage collector. Die slip block adjusted height resharpen for repeated uses.
Rotary dies for different sizes will be supplied as spare parts.
- Pressing and Pulling system, unit formed by a superior roll in silicon rubber and two inferior rolls, steel made, allow to have products at exact position.
- Longitudinal folded unit, obtained diaper, already shaped, go through a longitudinal folding unit.
- Final Cut: the cutting to be re-sharpen and regulation for repeated uses.
- Product bi or tri folded section, the section could either bi-folded or tri folded the diaper by two sets of rotating fold pieces.
- Re-jected outlet : photo sensor detected the defective and feedback to PLC unit, PLC issue instruction to related cylinder motion, let down defective products.
- Product out put
- Emergency brake system
- Electric Control system
- Safety guard doors protection system
- FOUR SETS of Dynatect Hot melt applicators
- Machine Optional Configuration
- Acquisition fluff forming unit
- Acquisition layer N.W applicator
- Waist elastic unit
- Laminated back sheet N.W applicator
- Auto Stacker

Driving Mode
- Inverter controls speed continuously and accurately.
- Transmission combines of main shaft, couple of jointers, integrity of gearboxes and phasers, time belts and etc.
- Main positions adopted universal couple, increase the parallel between up and down roller to minimise the driving error for reliable performance.
- Main driven shaft adopted 45 quality adjusted and connected among each other by means of universal couple.
- Integrative gearbox phase application, to minimise the gear gap, ensure driven precision and speed synchronised to speed variation.
- Adopted widen time belt for high-tension suffered parts.

PLC Automatic Functions
- Programmable interface, easy to operation.
- Auto unwinding and tension control for N.W, PE Film,
- Auto check for raw materials, machine can be shut down automatically at the shortest time while raw materials lacking or breaking off.
- Raw materials auto splice: photo sensors check the trail and feed back to the PLC issue instruction to spliced cylinder completing splice motion, and cutting the spliced material to minimise the defectives.
- Auto check and rejecting for raw materials spliced part by photo sensor.
- Auto rejecting spliced by and other defective products to increase acceptance rate. The rejected number can be set up freely.
- Auto alarming and shut down at abnormal gas and voltage.
- Edge guiding system for top sheet, back sheet, and etc. The 1mm accuracy ensures the right precision.
- Glue Auto compensating electrical cam to freely adjust the glued length and initial position, the glue can be auto compensated with the variable speed to guarantee the glue position.

Machine Main parts Suppliers

Servo Motor: Siemens
Interface : Siemens
PLC: Siemens
Motion: Siemens
Auto Wind with tension control: Siemens

Web guider (5 sets) : BST Germany
Pneumatic parts: ARTAC (Taiwan)
Photo Sensor: Sick Japan
Low voltage electrical parts: SCHNEIDER France/ Germany
Solid relay: OMRON Japan
Main bearings: NTN or NSK Japan
Timing belts: JIEBO China /
Convey Belts: LIDA Switzerland

Packaging Machine (Italian)

Complete semi/ or Automatic.

Spare parts

Include spare cutters, belts, bearings, rolls, low voltage electrical parts, pneumatic parts. A full list will be given, what is available.

Factory Staff required

- Plant manager (Mechanical)
- Supervisor (Mechanical)
- 3 operators
- 1 Quality control person
- 2 stacker ladies
- 3 packers sealers
- 1 part time or full time electrician
- 1 warehouse person for raw materials and finished goods
- 1 Administration person
Total 14 people.

Spare parts
Include spare cutters, belts, bearings, rolls, low voltage electrical parts, pneumatic parts. A full list will be given, what is available.

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