USEDCENTRAL.NET is one of the leading companies for the sale of Surplus Assets for their customers. Through our internet platforms we are able to re-marketing your surplus equipment at the best prices which the market offers.
Investment recovery is very important from small to large companies.

Plant and financial managers may not neglect the importance of Surplus Assets to minimize loss and cost avoidance. The maintenance of Surplus Assets plays an important role which significantly must improve the cash flow generated from the external sale.
That is why we ask to all persons involved in surplus assets and investment recovery to keep a daily up to date list of all their surplus assets.

Our team of professional consultants is pleased to assist sellers and buyers on a "NO CURE, NO PAY" base. For all of you who want to make use of Surplus Assets Investment Recovery Services, I strongly recommend not to accept and to pay any Marketing charges for whatever reason to any Surplus Assets Investment Recovery Company.
All those companies will be paid on a percentage in case of sales. Why must some companies charge beside the selling fee also marketing charges? We understand that in some cases color printing for brochures must be done, which have to be paid, but don't pay more than that. Those color brochures are only for a few companies, but never for sale through the Internet.
If we have to make a sales catalogue to place on the internet it is made in a PDF file. This is part of our Services in order to try to sell your Surplus Assets. We don't need to charge this on the back of our customers.

Another important point is the Exclusivity for the sale of your complete plant, production line or equipment. Why should you give an "Exclusivity sales right for more than 3 months to a company? Which guarantee do you have that the company to who you have given the Exclusivity right for the sale, will sell your Assets at the best price in the market? No company how strong they are in the market can guarantee the highest price.
We have seen that some employees from important sales companies in the sales of complete plants etc. make arangements to enrich themself but not in the advantage of the owners (and shareholders) of the plants or equipment nor for the selling or auction company itself.

If a specialized company or the so called auction companies want to have the Exclusive sales rights for a period longer than 3 month's, ask a payment for this Exclusivity! You can give sales rights to several companies which is in your own advantage, which gives you more chance to sell your plant, lines or equipment at the best price.
Is it not your goal and duty to get the best price for the Assets of your company.

How can you be sure that a sales company for your Surplus Assets will do everything in order to get for you the best value when you are bound with an exclusivity?