Welcome to Surplus Assets Investment Recovery Services offered by USEDCENTRAL.NET, a leading company specializing in the sale of surplus assets. With our different Marketplace platforms, we excel at re-marketing your surplus equipment at the most competitive prices available in the market.

Investment recovery is a crucial consideration for companies of all sizes. Plant and financial managers understand the significance of surplus assets in minimizing losses and avoiding unnecessary costs. Proper management of surplus assets not only helps improve cash flow through external sales but also plays a vital role in overall financial stability.

To ensure a smooth and profitable process, we strongly recommend that all individuals involved in surplus assets and investment recovery maintain a daily updated list of their surplus assets. This practice enables better transparency and facilitates effective communication throughout the sales journey.

Our team of professional consultants is dedicated to assisting both sellers and buyers. We operate on a "NO CURE, NO PAY" basis, meaning you only pay us a percentage of the sales when they occur. Unlike other surplus assets investment recovery companies, we do not charge any additional marketing fees. We believe that any costs related to marketing, such as color printing for brochures, should be kept to a minimum. Instead, we create sales catalogues in PDF format for online placement, eliminating unnecessary expenses for our customers.

We also urge you to carefully consider granting exclusive sales rights to any company for more than three months. The guarantee of achieving the highest price for your assets cannot be assured by any company, regardless of their market strength. It is unfortunate but true that some employees of well-established sales /brokerage companies may prioritize personal gain over the best interests of asset owners and shareholders.

Should a specialized or auction company request an extended exclusivity period, we advise negotiating a separate payment for this privilege. By granting sales rights to multiple companies, you increase your chances of selling your plant, production line, or equipment at the optimal price.

Ultimately, it is your goal and duty to secure the best possible value for your company's assets. Therefore, entrusting a sales company with an exclusivity agreement may not always align with this objective. Choose a flexible approach that maximizes your options and ensures a competitive sales process for your surplus assets.

At USEDCENTRAL.NET, we are committed to your success. Trust us to prioritize your interests and work tirelessly to achieve the best results for your surplus assets. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in the investment recovery process.