About Us

Has a brokerage and consultancy company we providing manufacturers worldwide, with customized support services in the resale and acquisition of idle machinery and equipment, property and other business assets.

The leading investment team.

A group of professionals united by an entrepreneurial spirit, vision and expertise at work, at the service of our clients to accompany them in every growth phase of their companies. Our passion and values inspire our daily activities serving entrepreneurs and managers.

USEDCENTRAL.NET was founded in 2001 together with a group of professionals with extensive experience working with major international companies operating in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical assets, strategic consulting and several other industries.

The aim was to enable an independent brokerage and consultancy to provide high quality, creative and flexible solutions through the knowledge and access to the market, without conflicts of interest for the specific needs of each project and client.

USEDCENTRAL.NET and its group of professionals has quickly achieved a leading position as advisors in both the design, structuring and execution of complex corporate asset transactions. In January 2019, with the involvement of two specialist partners, UsedCentral.Net broadened its strategic focus in real estate investment activities. Our team combine strong relationships and industry knowledge.


USEDCENTRAL.NET is highly regarded for its professionalism and integrity in the complex field of production lines and equipment. Its success comes from a strong work ethic combined with an exclusive and qualified network of dedicated professionals.

Our responsiveness allows us to offer a service tailored to the diverse needs of our customers. Knowledge of the industry enables us to quickly find solutions that match our customers’ requirements. Surrounded by a highly competent team, USEDCENTRAL.NET has the in-house capability to lead the prospective buyer through the entire acquisition process.

With more than 20 years of experience in the used equipment business, the USEDCENTRAL’s team will place all of its experience and expertise at your disposal. We are your trusted broker.


In order to guarantee a global approach to the industry, USEDCENTRAL.NET is very active in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our targeted marketing efforts, as well as our detailed knowledge of the market, have created a proven track record of success in the acquisition and sale of used production lines and machinery.


To guarantee the best service for the client we focus on the establishment of Exclusive Mandates, which will define all terms and conditions of our relationship. The Exclusive representation will be a good starting point and will ensure a direct communication between the participants involved in the transaction.

USEDCENTRAL.NET is successfully operating around the globe…

“ Driven by excellence, we will be honored to serve and lead you through the equipment sale or acquisition process around the globe."