Used SIDEL COMBI PET Filling line - Year 2015


Used SIDEL COMBI PET Filling line for Still and CSD

Immediately available. Still under power
Products: Still and CSD
Year of construction: 2015

15.000 bph @ 1.5 Lt
16.000 bph @ 500 ml
Condition: Excellent

Consist of the following:

Manufacturer: SIDEL
Model: SBO8 Universal2 Eco
Pitch 50mm
Preform Feeder (PM type)
Air recovery system - AirEco1
Preform de-dusting module
UV lamps on the infeed rail for preforms
Single hydraulic preform dumper
Main format 1,5L
1 bottle design and 1 bottle sample for main format 1,5L
Main format 1,5L - 2nd base (same shells)
1 additional bottle design and 1 bottle sample for main format 1,5L - 2nd base

The SBO8 Universal2 Eco blower is equipped with the optimised oven-configuration of the Ecoven, decreasing the number of lamps per module as well as the number of heating modules, leading up to a 43% reduction in the use of electricity.

Manufacturer: SIDEL
Model: Eurotronica FM-C 60
Pitch 113mm
(suitable for only one neck PCO 1881)
Combi transfer table - 3 starwheels
Bottle bottom cooling
External product tank in AISI 316
(out in case of Mixer by Sidel, price reduction already observed in the Mixer option)
CIP return pump
Parts (tank, piping, filling valves) in continuous contact with product in S/S AISI 316L
Protection room with air filtration unit (dynamic overpressured area)

The SIDEL Eurotronica FM-C is suitable for filling carbonated and noncarbonated drinks, beer and juices with pulp in to 0.5-2.5 litre PET bottles with cap standard PCO 1881 – 28 mm (Short neck). Filling process is over pressurized with CO2, there are 60 contact free filling valves which has electromagnetic controlled volumetric filling system. Bottles have neck handling and before filling, the air in the bottles can be removed for reaching longer shelf life with 4 times pre-evacuation with CO2 specially for beer filling. All parts having a contact with product are made out of AISI 316L material. Filler-capper has a closed, positive pressure environment with HEPA filters which improves hygienic level of filling.

Manufacturer: Arol
Model: Euro PK Top
Number of heads: 10
Pitch 113
Suitable for only 1 neck 1881 & 1 flat cap
Bottom part - Neck Handling (Step 1): 10 heads, pitch 113
Spiral buffer for cap with the same diameter - small size
Quick release Pick and Place
Head type: PK 315
Metal sleeve identification plaques
Washable level: Ies evolution
Sport cap prearrangement

SPORT CAP options mandatory
(see following positions)
Additional 1 meter chute for second closure to enter the spiral buffer
- mandatory for sport cap
Quick release Pick and Place - mandatory for sport cap
Pick and Place accessories (Additional transfer disc + accessories)
- mandatory for sport cap
Retractible guide: pneumatic
- mandatory for sport cap
Extra Set of chucks PK 315 for sport caps
- mandatory for sport cap

Caps elevator
Manufacturer: GEBO
Model: Aidlin 18-18
(approval of flat- and sport caps in case of feasibility and performance is mandatory)
First discharge at 2800mm
Second discharge at 3600mm
Cap dedusting for Aidlin 18-18 (Cap rinser)
Rejection system for ringless flat caps
Rejection system for upside down flat caps
Rejection system for wrong oriented sport caps
Chute for flat caps
Chute for sport caps


Manufacturer: FT-System
Model: CL600
Fill level inspection
Cap presence inspection
Rejection in bin (mono-push ejector)

Manufacturer: SIDEL
Model: RollQuattro F15 18T/R/HH3
(filled bottle, line configuration)
Main format 1.5L
Main format 1,5L - 2nd base (same bottle shape)
Feed screw support for filled bottles
Automatic adjustment of top carousel height
Automatic adjustment of bottles rotation speed
Starwheels with container jam safety switch
Infeed Fallen Bottles Safety Devices
Jammed bottles safety accumulation table at the outfeed
Single Blade Cutting Roller
Vacuum Type Transfer Roller without Grippers
CE Standard (Elau motion and PLC ; HMI B&R)
Standard Electrical Cabinet for voltage 400V 50Hz
Label presence detection system with bottle ejector
Antistatic device

Manufacturer: Markem-Imaje
Model: 9232
Printer with cable Europe Standard
Mounting kit and cables
Draining and rinsing kit
Alarm beacon, 3 colors

Shrink wrapper
Manufacturer: Gebo-Cermex
Model: Versafilm 4S-F SFR film only
Eye mark detection
Infeed adjustment by screw on 4 lanes
Motorized belt at tunnel outfeed
1st format program and equipment for flat and petaloid base

Manufacturer: Gebo-Cermex
Double infeed belt for pack separation
Pack rotation system
90° machine infeed
Pallet stacking/destacking system
Conveyor inside the machine
Motors with inverters
Locked safety doors and safty barriers
Electrical cabinet with airconditioning
Complete system for interlayer application
Access doors (3x)
Electrical panel, PLC Siemens, Software

Automatic pallet film wrapper
Manufacturer: Robopac
Model: HELIX 1
Safty protection at infeed and outfeed
Cutted film handling device
Roller conveyors inside the stretch wrapper
Pallet lifting device during the wrapping process

Manufacturer: Twinpack
Model: MDE
Touch screen operator display
Height adjustmentv Arch handle device for product collation 4x3
1st format

Manufacturer: CTA - IPC
Chiller configuration IPC (centrifugal type)
Water outlet & inlet with flanges
Anti-freeze thermostat
Automatic filling system

Manufacturer: Atelier Francois
Model: CE46B
Presure 40 Bar
Closed cooling tower with heating system
Shut off valve
Pressure reducer 40 to 7 bar
Non return valve
IP 54 Motor enclosure for dusty and wet environment

Manufacturer: Gebo
- SEW drives
- plastic chain
Drip Trays (without collectors)
Lubrication supply (wet)
Electrical panel and software

Manufacturer: GEBO-CERMEX
Bottle / Pack conveyors EOL (starting after the Labeler)
Bottle conveyors
Dripping pan
Wet lubrication nozzles only
Pack conveyors
Slat chain conveyors
Manual side guides adjustment
Electrical Installion parts

Immediately avialable.

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