Used one way glass bottling line for Carbonated, non carbonated and Spirits

Reference nr. FL-23027

Used Glass/ PET filling line - non returnable
The line is rated for 10,000 bph.
Factory is currently running 500ml @ 7,000 bph
Approx. 10 sets available including: 220ml glass, 300ml glass, 330ml glass, 500ml glass, 500ml PET


Make: Berchi
Model: Genius 10m
Glass and PET capable for cardboard, plastic Pads and interlayer sheets, 2 deposit station, cardboard splitter for cutting corner of carboard top cover for flat storage

Plastic chain conveyor
Make: Berchi
Approx. 50m
Upgraded Chain sight guides 2018

Make: Berchi
Model: ISOfill/V gravity filler
Year: 2005
Product: Still and Carbonated capable
Capacity: rated for 10,000 bph, 32/32/6/6 Rinser, Filler, capper, crowner.
Make: Arol Capper and Crowner - Cap types: ROPP aluminium, plastic, crown, with Siemens touch panel. Arol elevator serial no.9266, year 2005. Auto level facility- blows excess product back into filler for consistency. Burst bottle system installed, automated system rejects nearby bottles.
Slew ring bearing replaced in 2015, supplied by OEM. Capper using compromised cam, Dedicated Ropp cam included.

Velcorin Dosing
Year: 2013

Make: Berchi
Model: Drinksmix 9
Capacity: 9,000 litre ph max capacity, Still and carbonated capable blender with water tank, Syrup tank, finished product tank. Maselli anbrix UC-05 c02 analyser
Year: 2005

Make: Alfa laval
3 sets of holding tubes, 3.5ltre, 4.5ltr, 6.5ltr ph. 124 litre capacity, 6 bar, 120 degrees Celsius max temp, Wide plate pasteuriser for thicker product
Year: 2014

Twin tank skid mounted, caustic peracetic, fully automated, twin pump, up to 20,000 litre ph

Fill level inspector
Make: Heuft
Model: Spectrum hbbvxtxxx / HBK162202 / Reflex
Inspecting Fill level, Cap presence, Quality, Finalview Cap X-ray
Year: 2017

Make: Videojet
Model: 1660
Year: 2017

Make: Transtech Hysek
Infeed star system

Make: Secomak
Model: Power tunnel SP5-250S TA20E
Air knives
Year: 2017

Make: Makro
Model: MAK 4 16P UG3 L3 CE
3 Module, Cold glue and PSL (pressure sensitive labelling). Set up for neck, front and back labels. 16 platforms up to 13,000 bph.
Year: 2013

Make: Graham
Model: VFE 650
Capacity: 200 bpm with Graham a36048 sleeve decoiler 250 bottles pm, stand alone accumulator, various mandrel sizes
Year: 2009

Shrink Tunnel Make: Barry Wehmiller Year: 2009

Date coder
Make: Videojet

Bottle inverter on conveyor

Cluster pack former with cardboard insert
Make: SMI
Model: MP100RD
Formats: 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack cardboard sleeve, rotational device, 100 packs pm
Year: 2004

Tray and film shrink wrapper
Make: SMI
Model: LSK 15T
With Smitec Posyc 3000 control panel, 15 packs pm, Upgraded oven with chain mesh conveyor circa 2015, Capable of trays or film only
Year: 2001
Upgraded Oven circa in 2015

Pack conveyor
10m approx.

Pack labeller
Make: Logopac

Metal detector
Make: Lomo
Model: IQ2

Make: "214" tank
Capacity: 10,000 litre approx. Stainless Steel Hygiene tank, used as buffer for pasteuriser and drinks mix.

Palletiser for Glass and PET
Make: Berchi
Model: Fanuc RJ3IB
Capable currently programmed for approximately 70 formats with interlayer cardboard plastic, trays pads
Year: 2005


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