Complete used Edible Oil Refinery 150 Tons/Day for Sunflower, olive oil etc, Make Harburg Freudenberger/Krupp/Gea Westfalia and Filling Facility

REF. CP 1007

Complete used Edible Oil Refinery (All equipment from raw oil ... to refined oil) for sale.
Capacity: The capacity of 150 tpd is for 24 hours, 3 shifts of 8 hours.

There is an opportunity for expansion on site in case if is needed.

Type of refining: Physical refining

Used Complete edible oil refinery (production facility) with capacity 150 tons per day of refined sunflower oil, with filling, packing and storage on site.
Built in 2008 with capacity 150 tons per day of refined sunflower oil.

Business Overview

The business was established in 1995. Current production facility consists of equipment made by GEA Westfalia, Harburg Freudenberger and other leading European OEMs for oil refining.
The automated production process provides optimized treatment of the oil, removing unwanted ingredients whilst preserving the nutritive values of the product. This type of refining technology provides edible oil that has a natural source of tocopherol (natural vitamin E) and great stability.

Total production facility area is 21,027m2, which includes 18,371m2 for production facilities, 1862m2 of warehousing and 839m2 for auxiliary premises, administrative building and restaurant. Packaging of both sunflower and olive oil products is into PET bottles, apart from extra virgin olive oil, which is filled into glass bottles.

- Revenue is split between wholesale and retail channels with approximately 70% coming from retail.

- Majority of revenue from exported sales comes from 1-litre bottles of sunflower oil sold to neigh borough countries.

Includes the following:
- Neutralisation & Winterisation (GEA-Westfalia);
- Bleaching & Deodorisation (Hamburg Freudenberger);
- With filling, packing and storage on site.

Business sale includes the following production facilities located on 21,000 m2 of land:


Main sections are described below.
Refinery built in 2008 with capacity 150 tons/day.

Consist of the following equipment for:

Neutralisation: Make: GEA-Westfalia

Make: GEA-Westfalia
Make: Harburg Freudenberger

Make: Harburg Freudenberger

- Filling & packaging plant with capacity 8,800 bottles/hour of 1 litre bottles from equipment made in 2006.
- Includes PET blow moulder with capacity 8,800 bottles/hour; Monobloc for filling and sealing PET bottles with press-on caps; Automatic label machine with capacity 10,000 labels/hour; Bottle packing machine; Palletiser with capacity 15 pallets/hour.
- Also includes semi automatic packing machine made in Bulgaria 2015 for oil into cylinders sized 3, 4.75, 5 and 10 litres with capacity 3000 litres/hour.
- Storage available across (6) tanks for: Raw oil 1760 m3 + 1200 m3; Refined oil 750 m3 + 630 m3; Filtered oil 450 m3 + 100 m3.
- Warehouse for finished products size: 600 m2.
- Warehouse for raw materials size: 200 m2.
- Associated facilities including boiler room, plant for soft water preparation, compressors, coolers, area for splitting soaps and distillation of fatty acid, warehouse for by-products (160 m3 fatty acid, 100 m3 vegetable wax, 100 m3 used filtered oil, 200 m3 sludge), 30 m3 / hour wastewater treatment plant.

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